1. Torsional rigidity‘a tube doesn't twist’
  2. Structural strength:
    • curved corner transfers stresses to walls and roof better than  any square corner, and is virtually indestructible.
    • Roof strong enough to carry 23 tons of meat off roof rail
  3. Cannot leak as there are no joins
  4. Cannot rust as there is no frame
  5. Thermal performance of refrigerated bodies: no metal framing to conduct heat; resin-entrapped polyurethane is the highest performing insulator. Our method is proven to reduce refrigeration loading compared to competitive products, in rail containers in Australian Nullabor desert (interior temp -25°C, ambient +45°C)
  6. No conventional beam chassis means low maintenance, lower vehicle weight and wider spaced landing legs (for stability)
  7. Latest axles, brakes and suspension as required by customer. Unique design to evenly spread loads across multiple axle