Action Manufacturing Group Purchase MaxiTRANS New Zealand Operations

MaxiTRANS NZ is now renamed Freighter and will continue to operate business as usual. As a result, Australian Trailer Solutions Group (ATSG) has withdrawn the MaxiCUBE products from the NZ Market. However, Action has agreed to continue to provide service and support for MaxiCUBE products aftermarket, and will complete all existing orders.

The new expansion adds to New Zealand's growing network of locally manufactured goods, and supports the economy by providing jobs and generating further customers.

"The new purchase will extend our product range and offer general transport services, utilising our existing skill set, design thinking and resources." - CEO Chris Devoy.

Action Manufacturing has the largest range of locally manufactured and imported rigid bodies/trailers with operations in Hamilton, Auckland, and Christchurch.

The new business follows Action's acquisition of Fairfax Industries in 2018, which is a refrigerated truck body and trailer manufacturer.

Action Manufacturing Group now incorporate, Freighter alongside Fairfax Industries, Recreational and Specialised Vehicles.

Action will be developing a new range of Fairfax products as a result of the acquisition of MaxiTRANS, which will complement their uniquely moulded trailer products.

These will include:

• Fairfax Premier Series

• Fairfax Signature Series

• Fairfax Evo Series

We are pleased to welcome Freighter to the Action team.

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