Fairfax body used on NZ’s first 100% electric refrigerated logistics truck

Fairfax body used on NZ’s first 100% electric refrigerated logistics truck

Fairfax are proud to have partnered with Foodstuffs and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to build New Zealand’s 1st electric powered refrigerated truck.

With EECA’s backing, Foodstuffs pulled together a brains trust of some of the country’s brightest and best transport, electrical and refrigeration engineers to convert the standard Isuzu FVY, 24 tonne, 6 wheel diesel truck to be 100% electric powered.

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Fairfax were tasked to provide one of their high quality bodies, with the strength and thermal properties to exceed the needs of refrigerated delivery trucks.

Fairfax customer experience manager Craig van der Nagel said the body offers a low tare weight, recessed load restraint tracks and high density polyurethane insulation which is ideal for Foodstuffs delivery needs.

“Everything on the truck, including the fridge and tail-lift, is powered by electricity - it is almost silent!”

“We completed work on the body just before New Zealand went into lockdown for Covid-19. The truck was then handed over for signwriting.”

The electric truck will operate from the Foodstuffs Distribution Centre in Grenada Wellington under the stewardship of Foodstuffs North Island Transport.

After extensive testing and driver training, the electric truck recently set out on its first official delivery run to New World Miramar, a 60 km round trip. With a range of between 150 and 200 km and capable of transporting 14 pallets of product at temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees centigrade, the truck completed its inaugural journey with ease.

Fairfax director Chris Devoy said the increasing importance, and commitments, of reducing emissions presents a huge opportunity for innovators. Our team relishes the opportunities and challenges these projects bring.

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